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holds a Ph.D. in behavioral science and is a visionary author who developed Physiohelanics® energy healing.
This playful, fun spiritual guide specializes in the creative process.
The Early Years
C Diane Ealy just wasn’t like other kids in her small hometown. For one thing, she never used her first name, just the initial. That was her mother’s idea. During her pre-school days, when the family hit the road for a day at the lake or week at the ocean, Diane made up stories to entertain her brother, three years her senior and a second grader. She discovered she could make him laugh, an ability she considers crucial to her work today. She questioned adults rather than taking them at their word. Her imaginary friend was a horse, not another child. She communicated with animals more easily than she did with people. In school, she often did things backward, that is, arriving at the answer then figuring out how she got there. This approach enabled her to come up with solutions to problems using different methods than those espoused by her teachers. As creative as this approach was, it did not usually make her popular with said teachers. School was very boring for her, so in first grade she entertained herself by “sitting on the ceiling” and watching the entire classroom from the dangling schoolroom lights. She used this skill to keep herself from falling asleep in classes for the next sixteen years. She was in her mid-twenties before learning that this activity had a name—astral projection—and that people often took years to master it!

C Diane Ealy

C Diane Ealy

Although she didn’t realize it at the time, Diane was also doing something else that separated her from her peers. In her attempt to make sense out of an Earth-bound reality, she watched the energy being exchanged by other people. This way, she knew what the truth was in a situation and what others were going to do next. She learned that with humans, words and deeds often didn’t match. The familiarity and comfort she developed with energy laid the foundation for her later developing an entirely new energy healing modality, Physiohelanics®.

The Creativity Researcher
In seventh grade, Diane discovered the writings of Jules Verne and became fascinated with possible futures. She has made a lifetime career out of exploring these realms of possibility within herself and with clients. She has evolved into a visionary writer and healer who lives on the cutting edge. She earned her doctorate by studying the feminine creative process, something that hadn’t been done before. As she had so often in her life, Diane honored her creative soul and its guidance as she pursued her doctorate. This work became the foundation for her first book, The Woman’s Book of Creativity which was translated into ten foreign languages. It also made her an expert on creativity in general and women’s creativity in particular. It did not make her popular with some academic feminists and some other creativity researchers who were devoted to maintaining status quo. Diane learned in her early years that following ones creative soul is not for wimps.
In addition to The Woman’s Book of Creativity, Diane also wrote The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Spirituality in the Workplace. Writing in the “Idiot’s Guide” format enabled Diane to combine her humor with spirituality, an approach she found both natural and satisfying. She co-authored two books with her dear friend, Dr. Kay Lesh: Our Money, Ourselves: Redesigning Your Relationship with Money and Our Money, Ourselves for Couples. In doing their research and conducting numerous workshops on the topic of money, Diane and Kay quickly became aware that people would much rather talk about their sex lives than their money lives. But they stuck with their path of assisting people in their efforts to develop a healthy relationship with money.
Experimental Healing Modalities
While studying to become a psychotherapist as part of her doctoral work, she became dissatisfied with therapy models that failed to address the entire human being. She began asking the Universe for a modality that would address an individual spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. She knew this approach would have to be spiritually-based energy healing designed to empower an individual and to facilitate simultaneous healing in all levels of being. What she did not realize was that she would end up developing this new modality! For thirteen years Diane asked questions and explored human energy, following a path that was getting more familiar to her–the unknown. Finally, Physiohelanics was created. After twenty years of conducting individual treatments with clients, she began teaching this modality to others through her state licensed school, the only one at the time in Arizona that was approved just for teaching energy healing. Physiohelanics has been featured in The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine.
Training With Avant Garde Metaphysical Leaders
While Diane’s formal education is extensive—Ph.D. in behavioral science plus M.S. and B.S. in speech communication—it is somewhat unorthodox. Her boredom with school continued until she entered graduate school. There she was able to design her own program with the assistance of several professors. Her relationship with her creative soul began to be rekindled. Half of her credits were independent study with research papers required in every class and a thesis that she had to defend orally at the end of her classroom work. This program was perfect preparation for her doctoral program, begun several years later, which was almost entirely independent study and research. She was determined to earn her doctorate her way, designing her own program and learning in ways that suited her while avoiding the politics found in traditional graduate programs. After much research, prayer and angst, she took a risk and chose a new graduate school in Southern California that was using some unique advances to education. One of those approaches enabled her to work with an outside mentor, in this case, Dr. Jean Houston. Diane had already participated in about one hundred hours of life-changing, intensive workshops with Jean.  She could also receive credit for hundreds of hours of workshops and one-on-one work she had done with leaders in the human potential movement. These experiences enlivened her creative soul and put her on the leading edge of that movement.
Her mentors included such individuals as Dr. Hal Stone, who introduced Diane to Jungian psychology and who developed the therapeutic technique, Voice Dialogue and  Piero Ferrucci, the world leader in Psychosynthesis who had been mentored by Roberto Assagioli, the developer of that spiritually based psychotherapy modality.  Her studies with Piero Ferrucci had a profound influence on Diane and on some of the basic techniques of Physiohelanics energy healing. Other mentors included: renowned marriage and family therapist Virginia Satir; Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the developers of Neurolinguistic Programming; Frenchman Frederick Leboyer who enlightened the world about the need for gentle births; Ashley Montagu who shined a light on the needs of sensitive children who were surrounded by insensitive adults. Diane’s energy healing was nurtured in the early 1980s by Rev. Roslyn Bruyere, an extraordinary energy healer from Southern California, and Dr. Trevor Creed, an Australian chiropractor turned energy healer. Since the mid-2000s, Diane has been privileged to study Soul Memory Discovery healing with Ellen Kaufman Dosick, the developer of that modality. She has given presentations on creativity in business for Beiersdorf in Germany and at the All China and US Women’s Leadership Conferences in Shanghai and Beijing, China. All these experiences have fed her potentiation along with her ability to facilitate personal growth in others. 



Diane enjoys expressing her unique brand of creativity in all aspects of her life—even while driving.  Her bright green car with license plate #CRE8 and eyelashes makes people laugh, stops traffic and starts conversations.
Honk if you see this car!

The Continuing Adventures of a Creative Soul
Diane has been able to navigate traditional organizations while maintaining her personal truth and integrity to who she is. Still, she reached her limit in 2000 and has been self-employed ever since. Having discovered that she likes working for herself better than working for someone else, her motto in this regard has become: Works well with others; does not work well for others.
A reformer by nature, Diane long ago accepted her mission of leaving the world a better place than she found it. Her current focus in this regard is expressed in Your Creative Soul, facilitating the evolution that humans and Earth are currently experiencing. Diane is both dedicated to and fascinated by the integration of physical and spiritual energies. Her interest in possible futures stimulates her curiosity about the changes that will result from this integration and her role in facilitating those shifts. All her life Diane has been responding to an inner prompting to nurture her spirituality, to say “yes” to both God and her creative soul. She has never been content to live or work on superficial levels but has always strived to find the roots of an issue.
Diane is enlivened by her role as a visionary spiritual guide who loves to make people laugh. That, and to provide an indulgent, loving home for her cats and partner, a musician and ordained interfaith minister.